Corporate Social Responsibility


ASPEED Technology firmly believes that business success and growth depend on the interplay of operational management with the pursuit of a sustainable development vision. As a leading fabless IC design company, we are committed to using innovative development, environmental sustainability, and social prosperity as objectives in the shared pursuit of sustainable development. At the same time, we steadfastly lead our employees, customers, suppliers & contractors, society, and other stakeholders in sharing the benefits of sustainability in this rapidly changing and competitive industry. For our products, we use green design concepts to provide customers with the most appropriate SoC solutions that optimize their energy efficiency. At the same time, we continue to invest in strengthening our Company’s green R&D. For corporate governance, we insist on operational transparency and emphasize upholding the rights and interests of employees, shareholders, and stakeholders. We implement corporate governance best practice principles and a code of ethical conduct, in order to achieve robust corporate governance. For social measures, ASPEED Technology shares operational profits with employees. In 2020, we ranked 10th among firms listed on the TWSE for average salary of non-management employees, a highlight of the ongoing attention we pay towards employee welfare and talent management. We also take great pride in giving back to society by striving to be a good corporate citizen, including through CSR fulfillment.

ASPEED Technology’s CSR Working Team is responsible for sustainability decision-making, regular monitoring of sustainability activity performance, and incorporation of sustainable development as a consideration when determining corporate affairs and major strategies. In 2012, the Company approved the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles.” Recognizing the need for sustainable development in the corporate framework, in 2021 the Company plans to establish the Sustainability Committee as a new functional committee under the Board of Directors. Led and convened by the vice president of sales, the committee shall supervise and make decisions on sustainability-related issues while reporting on implementation of CSR sustainability to the Board of Directors. Under the committee will be the CSR Working Team, which will include the marketing and PR manager as executive council and oversee five work teams: corporate governance, social participation, risk management, environmental sustainability, and employee relations. The CSR Working Team will be responsible for overall implementation, including compiling stakeholder-related topics and promoting sustainability issues, and shall meet biannually with each work team to report on implementation status and future planning.