Corporate Social Responsibility


ASPEED Technology is convinced that business success and growth depend on the interplay of a company with its environment, and thus it should also fulfill its social responsibilities. We strive to offer our customers the best SoC solutions and superb service to match. We will continue and even step up our investment in research and development, our core strength. In our design and development process, we apply green design concepts and simplified (modularized) product structures to save resources and protect the environment, as our contribution to a green and sustainable future. In addition, we invest in good relations between our shareholders, employees, society, customers and suppliers and all other stakeholders, to achieve a fair balance of interest, such that in our rapidly changing and competitive industry, we can create multiple-win situations for all. In our corporate governance, the board of directors, our specialists managers, and supervisors each play their role to grow operational transparency and safeguard the interests of shareholders and employees.

ASPEED believes in giving back to society, and specifically in offering support to disadvantaged groups. Thus, each year we donate resources to schools and communities in remote urban and rural mountainous areas, to offer ambitious pupils a good environment for learning and growth. We also work with excellent universities, to encourage students to focus on academic research and opportunities in industry. As a corporate mentor, we guide students as they forge their career path and find place in society.