ASPEED Technology Whistleblowing Website

ASPEED Technology is committed to sustainable business practices based on integrity and honesty principles, while adhering to the highest standards of professional ethics to review the company's operations. In order to ensure that all information can be openly and transparently communicated, a third-party independent organization, Deloitte and ASPEED Technology's independent directors, have been entrusted to manage the anonymous reporting system. If any stakeholders (employees/shareholders/investors/customers/suppliers/partners/academic institutions/government agencies/media) discover any illegal activities, violations of the company's professional ethics, infringements of laws and regulations, or incidents of bullying and gender inequality, please directly report through the anonymous reporting system provided below. The company guarantees absolute confidentiality of the whistleblower's or company's information. Once again, we thank you for your assistance in helping ASPEED Technology continue its journey towards sustainable operations.

ASPEED Technology whistleblowing website: