Compensation and Benefits

In order to recruit, retain and reward our talents all around the world, ASPEED provides a comprehensive compensation and benefits. Besides competitive pay and motivative package, a variety of options regarding health, living support and relationship building might be included.

Toward company success, ASPEED rewards employees on the basis of good performance and future development. And benefits are designed to fulfill employees' needs. Building on the foundation of great content and flexible structure, our employees can devote themselves in developing world-class SoC system solutions.

‣ Garuantee 15 months salary

‣ Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Year-End bonuses (Based on company operational performance)

‣ Annual performance evaluation and salary adjustment

‣ To Share the company success with employees, ASPEED has high competitive bonus system, and provide profit to employees.

‣ Proper personnel promotion system

‣ Flexible working hour system

‣ Patent bonus to encourage technological innovations

‣ Award for senior employees

‣ Annual free company trip

‣ Gift certificates for Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Spring Festival

‣ Birthday gift certificate

‣ Cash gifts for marriage and child birth

‣ Annual free employee health examination