Corporate Social Responsibility

Stakeholder & Employee

In the pursuit of its business strategy of openness, ASPEED has established a number of internal and external effective and transparent communication channels, to enable any interested party to understand our business operations and our endeavors in corporate social responsibility.

Employee's Rights and Interests

Our employees are our most valuable asset and we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable working environment, good education and training, and complete compensation and benefits. To fully abide by the safeguards in the "Labor Standards Act" and related laws and regulations, we have specialized personnel to deal with employee issues and to ensure employee's rights and interests. In addition to the statutory employee welfare committee, our company has a monthly employee welfare budget spent on various welfare measures. We also offer in-house and external education and training to our personnel, a stock option program, etc. Lastly, in accordance with the Labor Pension Act, we set aside pension contributions into our employees' personal accounts with the Bureau of Labor Insurance on a monthly basis. All our policies related to management-labor relations comply with relevant laws and regulations, and our labor relations are good. Our company's "Health and Safety Code of Practice" sets norms and practices for a safe and healthy working environment, and also stipulates education and training on these topics. We also offer annual health checks to enable employees to understand their health status and take further action if needed.

If employees have any queries or suggestions, they can communicate with their managers by telephone or e-mail. They may also directly complain to their manager or the general manager, after which a designated staff member will handle the issue.

Stakeholders & Investors

As a publicly listed and OTC-traded company, ASPEED has a corporate governance code of practice. The company discloses all required information on its website and on the Market Observation Post System (MOPS) of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, under the principle of fair and open information for shareholders and investors. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, our company regularly discloses its list of major shareholders and ultimate control by major shareholders, as well as changes. In our company's operations we uphold the principle of fair and open treatment of all shareholders. In addition to inviting all shareholders to attend the shareholders' meetings, we also encourage shareholders to vote and stand in elections of directors and supervisors. We also welcome comments and suggestions from our shareholders. We also ensure that shareholders are fully informed of significant events, and guarantee their rights of participation and decision. In addition to statutory information disclosure, we disclose quarterly financial information, hold corporate briefings, etc. Finally, our website has an investors' section.

The company has a spokesperson and deputy spokesperson to quickly handle suggestions and queries from shareholders. The investors section on the website also offers many answers to questions that shareholders and investors may have.

Customers / Suppliers / Banks

ASPEED maintains smooth and open channels of communication with such stakeholders as banks, customers, and suppliers, and respects and safeguards their statutory rights and interests, including the following:

In its communications with banks, the company always provides complete and adequate information regarding its operations and financial situation, to enable the banks to make the best judgments and decisions. In addition, all the company's latest financial information can be viewed on the Market Observation Post System (MOPS) of the Taiwan Stock Exchange and at the investor section of our company website.

Our company has a dedicated unit responsible for collecting, processing and responding to issues concerning the rights and interests of customers, with customer service agents to handle all customer questions about our products. We have costumer complaint handling procedures to ensure these are resolved quickly. The "Contact Us" section of our website includes a product section that answers frequently asked questions.

Our company has a dedicated staff member responsible for communications with suppliers, with whom we have positive and long-standing relations. When selecting suppliers we check their past records of environmental and social impacts, and we preferably select suppliers with ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications. Whenever we discover a supplier violates issues of corporate social responsibility or negatively impacts the environment or society, we will consider suspending cooperation with them. When any questions or complaints arise regarding a supplier, our dedicated staff member will notify senior management of our company.


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