Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)​

ASPEED BMC is a specialized processor with 2D graphic and logic control features that is used to remotely monitor and manage host systems. It is located on the motherboard of computers, servers, networks, and storage devices. BMC can be accessed remotely via dedicated or shared networks and has multiple connections to the host system, allowing it to monitor hardware via sensors, flash BIOS/UEFI, provide host access via serial or physical/virtual KVM Console, and power cycle to record host and log events. BMC SoC helps to save time and manpower. Administrators no longer require to check each server in the rack physically an still can perform maintenance. As a result, all servers and other data center equipment (such as switches, storage, power supplies, and so on) now have BMCs.​


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Model Name Key Features Package RoHS 10 & Halogen Free Launch Schedule
AST2600 PCIe 2D VGA+BMC+KVM-over-IP 624-pin 21mmx21mm TFBGA package Yes Jul.2019
AST2620 PCIe+BMC 624-pin 21mmx21mm TFBGA package Yes Jul.2019
AST2500 PCIe 2D VGA+BMC+KVM-over-IP TFBGA-458 19x19 mm Yes July.2015
AST2520 Powerful BMC Chip 456-pin 19mmx19mm TFBGA package Yes July.2015
Pilot 4 PCIe 2D VGA+BMC with ClearKVM™ 484-pin 23mmx23mm PBGA package Yes Dec. 2016