ASPEED Technology Wins Best Choice 2009 Award of Computex Taipei

Computex , Taipei, June 2, 2009 - ASPEED Technology Inc., a highly innovative fabless SoC-centric IC design house is pleased to announce the ASPEED AST1500 has won the “Best Choice 2009 Award” of Computex Taipei, an award recognized and given by an evaluation committee comprised of experts from the industry, academia, media and government. 

The ASPEED AST1500 was designed from the ground up to be highly innovative in reduce IT service cost by centralizing PCs in a data center.  It improves data security through the same IT infrastructure and reduce noise and power consumption. 

"ASPEED is honored to win the prestigious Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2009 Award," commented Chris Lin, President of ASPEED Technology Inc. "We are proud to offer the industry’s highest quality, highest performance, and most low power consumption solution available on the market today, and the AST1500 certainly matches the expectation." 


About ASPEED Technology Inc.

ASPEED Technology Inc., a highly innovative fabless company founded in Nov. 2004, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, devotes itself to providing silicon chips, silicon IPs and software products that enable sophisticated SOC-centric multimedia, graphics and network applications. For more detailed information, please visit ASPEED website at

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Lili Wu
Corporate Marketing