Smart AV Solutions

With the rise in demand for live streaming audiovisual content for diverse scenarios from office, factory floor to a variety of fields, ASPEED is committed to delivering optimal immersive and interactive experiences, making them more realistic and engaging. ASPEED’s Smart AV Solutions include Cupola360 Spherical Image Processors, Cupola360⁺ Software Kit and AVoIP Processors.​

Smart AV Solutions Brochure

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The Cupola360 processor family designed with innovative in-camera image stitching technology along with Cupola360⁺ Software Kit provides a total solution for real-time 360-degree panoramas, perfect for video conferencing, virtual factory tour, inspection and audit, education, touring, and many more. ASPEED’s AVoIP solutions offer audio/video extension over standard ethernet cables for applications such as PC-to-TV, PC centralization for Internet Cafes, and Enterprise PC over IP. They can be integrated with Cupola360 to create a next-generation approach for command and control—a war room of seamless immersion for the markets of corporate, manufacturing, video surveillance and so on. With the optimized combination of Cupola360 and AVoIP processors as well as Cupola360⁺ Software Kit, ASPEED’s total solution enables customers to realize smart AV applications easily and efficiently.​

Solving Technology Challenges of 360 Real-time Image Stitching

  • Aligning multiple images: If the images are not perfectly aligned or have different exposures, stitching multiple images to create a seamless 360-degree view will be extremely challenging.​​
  • Dealing with parallax: Parallax misalignment between images, causing issues when stitching images taken from different viewpoints.​​
  • Handling moving objects: When objects in the scene are moving, it can be difficult to accurately stitch images together, as the objects may appear in different locations in each frame.​​
  • Handling high-resolution images: Stitching together high-resolution images can be computationally intensive, requiring powerful hardware for processing in real-time.​​
  • Combining images with different exposures: If the images being stitched together have different exposures, it can be difficult to create a seamless, evenly-lit 360-degree view.​​
  • Ensuring real-time performance: For applications that require real-time image stitching it can be challenging to ensure that the technology can process and stitch the images together quickly enough to keep up with the demands of the applications.​​

ImmersiveX: Smart 360 Scenarios​


Time to future-proof your factory. Cupola360 Industry is transforming Industry 4.0 by immersive live streaming of 360-degree visibility, bringing video-based information into your war room, instantly and accurately. Cupola360 Industry enables remote patrolling, auditing and SOP matching, creating a safer and more secured working environment with no blind spots and authorized employees only access to optimize situational awareness and enhance and operational efficiency.​

Remote Communication​

As team collaboration is the key to business success, Cupola360 Enterprise redefines online meetings to facilitate communication with 360-degree coverage of minimal distortion by an all-in-one plug-and-play device. It features automatic face tracking, recognition and labeling, optimized and versatile display modes, and sound localization, perfect for any conference room size and number of participants to enhance collaboration efficiency and effectiveness.​

Education & Training​

Learning just gets more fun in 360. Cupola360 Education allows teachers to engage students like never before by breaking the boundaries of traditional classrooms and teaching approaches, creating real-time immersive educational experience, such as virtual field trips and training simulations.​


Not sure where to travel? Cupola360 Travel enables travelers to explore tourist attractions around the world without leaving home by facilitating their interaction with virtual environments to expand their imagination. ​

Retail & Real Estate​

Cupola360 Retail creates a seamless omni-channel shopping experience with no limits of time and space, much more realistic than traditional online shopping. Cupola360 Estate can inspire prospective buyers and renters with a vision of their dream home in real-time to drive sales in a time-saving and cost-effective way.​​

Events & Entertainment​

Capture and live stream concerts, sports events, and other large gatherings. Cupola360 Entertainment allows audience to experience an event with the freedom to choose any angle from the 360-degree video feeds to get up close and personal with performers or players.​