With a focus on using 5MP six big-pixel high sensitivity sensors, the Cupola360 Six-Cam image processor AST1220 supports hardware in-camera (SoC) 360-degree image stitching and live-streaming of 4K 360-degree video which allows it to instantly start streaming video online without a tedious set-up process while most competitors’ cameras need post image stitching using computers or mobile phones. Also it reduces the lens-distortion found in traditional solutions that use two fish-eye lenses. Additional features including 4K2K 30fps ultra-high resolution video; HEVC H.265/H.264 encoding; 3D anti-shake; face tracking, and apps which supports Android and iOS.

Product Name  AST1220 Six-Cam Spherical Image Processor
Features  • 360-degree 4K H.264/H.265 Video
 • 360-degree 32MP JPEG
 • In-Camera Stitching
 • Live Streaming through Camera Solely
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Embedded CPU  800MHz ARM11
SDRAM Memory  800Mbps LPDDR3
 32-bit data bus width
 Up to 1G Byte
Sensor Interface  Three sensors and each with 4-lane MIPI interface
 Six sensors and each with 2-lane MIPI interface
Flash Memory  eMMC/SPI Flash
Video-Encode  Video Encode up to 4K2K 30fps
 YUV422/YUV420 Video Compression
 H.264/H.265 Main/high profile level 5.1/5
 Support I and P slices
Audio  4 channel digital MIC PMD interface
 8, 16, 22.05, 24, 44.1 or 48KHz stereo AAC and MP3 encode
USB interface  16 bits DSP process
SD  SD Physical Layer Specification version 3.00
 one SDIO interface
USB  USB 2.0
LAN  10/100/1000M bps MAC
Technology  500-pin 12mmx12mm TFBGA package