Pilot 4

With short time-to-market, increased complexity and competitive market requirements, ASPEED has taken the lead in providing server and storage systems manufacturers with state-of-the-art data center technology. The Pilot 4 Integrated Baseboard Management Controller revolutionized the industry by integrating the BMC, Super I/O, Graphics controller and Remote Keyboard, Video, Mouse and Storage (KVMS) functionality into a single ASIC, providing significant cost savings to data center managers. The Pilot 4 BMC auto-discovers system problems and increases the availability of servers because it monitors all the internal sensors and instrumentation within the server, delivering warnings of platform problems. Pilot 4 BMC delivers faster processors and memory controller, enhanced enterprise-class functionality and security. Key benefits are as below:

  • Simplified management of remote servers, systems and appliances, thereby reducing operational costs
  • Higher availability with auto-discovery of system problems, increasing availability
  • Increased operational efficiency to boot from storage device (CD-ROM, DVD ROM, ISO image, floppy disk or USB flash disk)
  • Reduce operational costs with ability to control reset and power to the motherboard, as well as read status information through intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), allowing the remote server to fullu manage and monitor the host system.
  • ClearKVM™ technology to deliver a faster and clearer remote management experience.
Pilot 4
Product Name PILOT 4 Baseboard Management Controller 

I ntegrated 2D Video Graphic Adapter with PCIe bus interface
Integrated Dual ARM Cortex A9 500MHz processor with MMU and 32KB I/D caches
ClearKVM™ Technolovy for remote KVM and storage
16-bit DDR-3/4 memory interface (up to 1600Mbps)
Enterprise server-class eSPI processor to BMC interface support

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