ASPEED Technology to Unveil New AST1620 iCafe Extender IC for Unlimited Cloud Extension at Computex 2017

ASPEED Technology will be attending COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2017 between May 30 and June 3. During the show, ASPEED will unveil its AST1620 iCAFE Extender. The new PC/AV extension SoC AST1620, based on the concept of "Unlimited Cloud Extesion", is designed for Internet Cafe Applications.

The vibrant development of the e-sports industry means the demand for hardware now rivals that of software and people as well. ASPEED has taken notice of this trend and is now targeting the Internet Cafe application market by unveiling the AST1620 iCafe Extender at Computex, its next-generation PC/AV extension SoC for Internet Cafes. The ASPEED AST1620 iCafe Extender allows Internet Cafe operators to concentrate all of their computers in a server room, solving the heat and noise issues encountered by traditional Internet Cafe crowded with computers. This not only turns Internet Cafes into a more comfortable and stylish experience, but allows more effective space-planning. The trend towards chain Internet Cafes means that operators will be able to use Cloud Management to easily manage dozens or even hundreds of branches. This will be far more effective and greatly reduce operating costs. The ASPEED AST1620 iCafe Extender uses a proprietary video compression algorithm to achieve lossless image quality over long lengths of optical fiber, and gamers will enjoy almost zero latency as well. Support for 4K2K (UHD) ultra-high definition will let gamers experience the best image quality.

ASPEED's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Chris Lin said that «The Internet Cafe market is continuing to evolve. Future Internet Cafes will not be dark, stuffy places like traditional Internet Cafes. They will be gradually replaced by new styles of Internet Cafes run by chain brands and supported by large-scale equipment procurement. Spacious and comfortable environments will become the rule. ASPEED's PC/AV extension SoC has been tremendously successful over the past year. Backed by such a solid technical capability, we are certain that the AST1620 iCafe Extender will establish itself in this new Internet Cafe market ». ASPEED is currently the world's No.1 BMC chip provider by market share. It also announced in May last year its acquisition of Broadcom's Emulex Pilot™ server management SoC business. For more information about product applications, please visit Booth L1201 in the Systems and Solutions section on the upper level of the Nangang Exhibition Hall.

About ASPEED Technology

ASPEED Technology Inc. is a highly innovative fabless IC-design company founded in Nov. 2004, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. With the focus on niche-market, ASPEED is an innovator of cutting-edge SoC system solutions, which include Server Management SoC solution and PC/AV extension solution. ASPEED has been honored as one of "Forbes Asia's 200 Best Under a Billion" companies in 2014 and 2015. ASPEED is the worldwide No. 1 BMC chip provider, and annuonced to acquire Broadcom's Emulex PilotBusiness in 2016. For more detailed information, please visit ASPED website at