--SoC for Centralized Computing--

Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 15, 2004 - ASPEED Technology Inc., a new IC design house to be established on November 15, 2004 that will focus on Server management, PC&A/V Extension SoC processors. 

In the Server Management market, which is expected to provide newly designed SoC chip that best fit today’s technology.  ASPEED Technology will:

•   Provide a stable operating base with Server Management as its flagship business, which are the core products for its business model.
•   Expand operation in the PC & A/V Extension by targeting new market segment. Leverage the competitive advantage of current R&D development knowledge for new product development.

 Profile of ASPEED Technology

(1) Name:             ASPEED Technology Inc. 
(2) Head office:    2F, No 15, Industry East Road 4, HsinChu Science Park, Hsinchu City, Taiwan 30077.
(3) Capital:           NT$130M
(4) Date of incorporation:  November 15, 2004
(5) Business Model:   Fabless IC Company

About ASPEED Technology Inc.
ASPEED Technology Inc., a highly innovative fabless company founded in Nov. 2004, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, devotes itself to providing silicon chips, silicon IPs and software products that enable sophisticated SOC-centric multimedia, graphics and network applications. For more detailed information, please visit ASPEED website at

Press Contacts:
Lili Wu
Corporate Marketing